uv mag picture (5) (427x640)I pinch myself daily thinking, “Why was I so blessed to have been pulled out of one of the poorest circumstances in Thailand to be where I am now?”  I now have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a beautiful family, and health of mind and body.  My biological father was a kind and generous man; but due to poverty, lost his three little girls and a wife to gambling. Then, a young, handsome American Air Force officer fell in love with ALL of us and whisked us off to this great promised land of freedom where we are living happily forever after!:)  The End! Ha! Ha!…but why not? (Well, my ultimate joy will be when I am able to support an orphanage/school for little Thai children who may not have the same opportunities that I have had.)

YES! I am a very HAPPY Thai girl! I’ve just discovered my passion for cooking…creating recipes…teaching others that “Anyone CAN cook!” (Chef Gusteau from Disney’s Ratatouille):)  It makes me happy when a mom says, “June! My kids ate cabbage for the first time!” or “I don’t like squash, but I love it in your stir-fry!”

Although a native of Thailand, I was primarily raised in America.  My father’s military life allowed us to live in Thailand for nearly 9 years.  With pure joy, I vividly recall the sights, sounds, and smells of food vendors from all over Bangkok, Pattaya, Udon, and Chiang Mai.  I’ve watched and helped my mother cook without recipes for years; so writing a recipe book and creating this website, has been challenging…but oh, so much fun!!

I really enjoy cooking and hope you will enjoy making and savoring Pad Thai, World’s Best Spring Rolls, Sticky Rice, Spicy & Sweet Sauces, Mango Rice, and many country Thai dishes that you may have never tried. I have provided several videos, and some free recipes on the website to get you started. You can do this!  No matter what age, gender, circumstances or level of cooking experience,  YOU CAN MAKE DELICIOUS THAI FOOD!

If you enjoy the recipes (or just want to chat and share), REGISTER TODAY and check back daily for new videos, recipes, information and fun!

You can also buy my book, “Thai Food Made Easy” due to be published by Cedar Fort Press in July 2015!

Very Sincerely,

June Williamson

*Here I am in Thailand with my sisters (I’m in the middle) shortly after my mom got married. I only remember happy times…like 7-up for the first time…but don’t ask my mom!:)
little me

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