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So a couple of days ago, I decided to email all the TV stations in Columbia, SC…as it is located 40ish miles from my parent’s home…AND we are visiting them this summer. I got 2 responses! I was pleasantly surprised as I gave them 2 available dates only.

KTLX 19 is for sure. Another station asked “how long I will be in town”.
6/30 …details this Monday for KTLX! I will post the link when it is done! EAST COAST OR BUST! Hopefully, this will increase my sales and help get me on the NEW YORK Times best seller’s list one day…although I am learning so much about this authoring thing: I went with a small publisher, so results may be a long-shot, but its not going to stop me from trying! Enjoying this roller coaster of a journey! (FYI, we authors make miniscule per book…I am a “nobody” so I have to start from scratch…but so fun!):)!!!!Thank you for all your support!:)

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