Egg Whites Spinach “Muffins”

I love this amazing healthy “muffins!” So easy and NO MESS!

Slightly cook your fresh spinach leaves in the microwave or pan. Put about 1 Tblsp onto the bottom of cupcake liners OR line with turkey bacon. Crack 2 egg whites right into the cups! Drizzle with a little Siracha or your favorite hot sauce. Place one leaf on top of the muffins. Bake 375 degrees F. 20-25 mins…to your desired taste of cooked eggs. Serve with avocado slices…so very yummy. I make a big batch then store them in the fridge and grab 2 at a time for a 4-egg white side!:)

You can also use half cooked bacon to line it with then add 1 whole egg and one egg white…varieties are endless!

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