Spicy Pork Tacos! (soooo easy!)

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So when I get an idea/inspiration, I just start to do it excitedly…hence, the messy kitchen! Tyson LOVED these tacos, and so will you! I used left-over pulled pork/Kalua Pork!


2 Cups shredded cooked pork/chicken/beef (left-overs!)
1/4 cup tomato ketchup
1 1/2 Tblsp Siracha!(more or less!)
2 Tblsp brown sugar

1. Mix ketchup, sriracha, and brown sugar in pan. Cook on medium heat until incorporated.
2. Add pork/meat and stir until it is warm/hot.

6 cups slaw (shredded cabbage, carrots…)
1/4 cup chopped green onions
Sauce: 1/4 sour cream, 1 Tblsp mayo, 1 tsp salt,1 tsp black pepper,
2 Tblsp lime juice, 2Tblsp agave

1. Mix in Medium/Large bowl sour cream, mayo, salt, pepper, lime juice, and agave.
2. toss in slaw mix and green onions.

***Place meat in corn or flour tortillas. Top with slaw and sour cream!!!
Happy Taco Tuesday!!!!

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