Football! Basketball…trying to join them!

football (1)
As a good wife should, I’ve really come to enjoy college football and basketball. Our family are “True Blue” Brigham Young University (BYU) fans. Steve doesn’t hunt, fish, golf…BYU (and Alabama football) are his hobbies. He also has head-coached Tyson’s football and basketball teams for 5+ years now.

So this year’s college football bowl games have not been very exciting…lots of “blow-outs.” When this happens, I start chatting about their uniforms (oregon should have worn black pants!), fields, commentators..well, I’ve been banned ha, ha! But really! Haven’t you heard those sports radio shows? They sound like a bunch of girls to me. I think they “gossip” just as much as the ladies!…because it bugs him, I think I’m going to do it even more;)!!! Have a happy day! Can’t wait for Bama to put it on the Tigers! Hmmmm what fun food should I make?:)

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