I’m an Illegitimate Child!!!!

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So just this year, I discovered that I am illegitimate! The conversation came up so casually that it was even more surprising! So when my mom and my military father went to get their marriage license in Thailand, they discovered that my mother wasn’t officially married to my biological dad in the first place! I guess the clerk at the time, forgot to file it!!!! Is that not so crazy!!!!? It actually turned out to be a blessing because normally it would take years before a divorce can be official in Thailand; and my mom was worried that she would have to postponed her marriage to my dad now Things may have played out very differently in my life and may not have been able to come to this great land! I truly appreciate the freedoms and opportunities that are here in The United States of America!!!!

When I turned 18, I was given the choice of dual-citizenship or full american citizen…I chose to receive my full citizenship of being an American!!! May God continue to bless the USA:)

My mother continued to learn English and received her High School Diploma in ENGLISH and even took several college classes in English! I am truly proud of her.

I posted this long lost picture of my beautiful mother to show how much I appreciate her and all the sacrifices she made for me. Love you mom.

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