The Little School House in the Sugarcane Field….

Nong Goong woke up at 5:00am to the sound of a rooster’s crow. She cannot wait to go to school! AAAAh! The smell of boiling rice (recipe later:)…her favorite…but first the chickens need to be fed, her pallet needs to be folded,and she needs to help mom with her little siblings. Grandmother is already up and out on the porch just chewing her betel nut…so bad for her! Goong may lecture her again later. Goong learned from school that chewing the betel nut is so very bad for you. Perhaps if she tells her grandmother that Goong wants her to not get black teeth and get mouth cancer…besides, Goong hates to clean up after the mess it makes….Nong Goong is only 7 years-old, but has learned so much at that Thai/American school. Goong loves Ms. June; she is Thai but speaks American so well!…..:)
….Okay, It’s Me (HappyThaiGirl) again…I have a little insomnia and have to put my thoughts into words. It is true though! My mother just found out that she inherited land from my grandfather near the little village that she was born! However, we also just found out that her siblings have been greedy and are trying to not give her the fair share. I honestly don’t know the full details, but do not want to stress about it. I may have an International Lawyer make a few calls. It was land that we never knew we had anyways…it’s not really worth the fight, but I was very excited to utilize it for “The Little School House in the Sugarcane Field!” I think a little prayer from all of you would help!:) Have a Happy Day…Goodnight?:)

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