Tuke! Tuke! A Near-Death Story!!

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When Sister Lindsay Williamson (here on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/ Yes, THE MORMONS!:)…
sent me this picture of her and her companion in a “TUKE, TUKE”…(this is the noise this three-wheeled motorized vehicle makes! So funny how it is named!)…anyways…I vividly remember the day I ran out into the road when I was about 4/5 years-old…and got ran over!!! I was with my aunt. She was holding my hand. I picture it to this day, that I saw a completely empty street! She said she thought that I was dead! Obviously I’m completely recovered…brain damaged?..hmmm…perhaps that is why on many evenings, I still cannot shut my brain down thinking about what to cook and create the next day! Like just this weekend…trying to sleep in….I was so worried about the browning bananas in my basket!…banana nut fritters fried in coconut oil?…..ha, ha! I think I’m crazy from the Tuke! Tuke! incident!!!!!!

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